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FranQuility™ Healthy Living

and Holistic Well-Being

Let FranQuility™ be your advocate to total well-being, inside and out, in balancing your health to tranquility. 

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Frances is the owner of Senseabilities. She is a Board-Certified family nurse practitioner with a Master's Degree and Bachelor of Science Degree from Pace University. She also has a Bachelor of Science Degree in Accounting and Management Science, with a Practice in Taxation, from Kean University. Now specializing in internal medicine, gastroenterology, and geriatrics, Frances has seen her clients through her practice, Priolo Health Associates LLC in the office, home, health care, hospice, and hospital settings with privileges at Robert Wood Johnson University Hospital and Saint Peter's University Hospital in New Brunswick. She also sees clients through FranQuility™ in Aesthetics, Rejuvenation and Healthy Living offering custom skin consults, complete health assessments as an advocate to total well-being, health screenings, and integrative mind body therapy. Frances enjoys reading, traveling, photography, painting, and spending time with her family.

Healthy Living, Screenings and Patient Advocacy

Now Offering Televisits and Group Virtual Meetings!

Wellness Physicals and Screenings

Book your next Wellness Physical with our Nurse Practitioner for School, Sports, Coast Guard, Occupational Health, Employment.  Health and COVID-19 Screenings Available.

Health Assessments

Balance your Health through our holistic approach to Mind-Body Healthy Living as it integrates with traditional medicine.  See how each complements the other when evaluating the "whole" you. Full Assessments by Nurse Practitioner include review of Medical History, Medications, Nutrition, Screenings, Body Systems, Physical and Labs. Learn how your two brains (mind and gut) affect each other.

Healthy Living

Learn how to live a healthier life. These consults incorporate customized plans to live a healthier you! Can include nutrition, pharmaceutical-grade vitamins, weight management, mindfulness meditation, massage, energy works, exercise plan, and referrals.

Patient Advocacy

Are you looking for a medical professional who can review and explain your medical information and needs with you, review test results, informed consent, represent and support you, work with other members of your health team, clarify your options, assist you in finding resources and referrals, communicate your needs in a relaxing atmosphere....for you, a loved one, or a caregiver? Meet with our medical staff to help you find answers.


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Also as part of our Wellness Program, we understands the mental, emotional and spiritual components of your well-being are just as important as your physical health.  Our practitioners will help restore your natural balance through lifetime health and complete wellness- mind, body and soul.

Reiki Therapy

Reiki is a form of therapy to relieve stress and providea sense of fullfillment in an individual by improving the flow of life energy.  The practitioner uses their hands to channel universal energy to improve the client's energy flow to create many beneficial effects, including relaxation and feelings of peace, security and well-being.  Enhancements also available.

SenseAble Mindfulness

Learn to effectively reduce stress, increase self-awareness, handle unwanted thoughts and feelings, and enhance emotional intelligence by bringing one's attention to the internal and external experiences occurring to the present moment.  Individual and Group sessions Available.

SenseAble Group Weight Management

Experience a unique group weight loss program incorporating researched protocols and proven behaviorally oriented practices through healthy living, mindfulness and effective brain-based strategies, giving you the tools to not only control your eating habits, but the possibility for self-efficacy, emotional control, self-esteem, and independence.  You will be taught healthy eating and simple skill sets during the six-week program in order to instantly go from stress and overwhelm to relaxation and control by building confidence and competency for long-lasting weight loss results.  Your body composition will be measured and monitored during this prpgram.  Supplements are available. 

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Book FranQuility™ for your next Group Seminar on various topics on Healthy Living, Mind Body Connection, Stress Management, Mindful Meditation, Nutrition and Weight Management, Skincare and Rejuvenation. We are also available for Health Screenings and Health Fairs for your employees or community organizations.

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