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Holistic Health and Well Being Services in Manasquan, NJ

The professionals at SenseAbilities realize your emotional and spiritual components of your well being are just as important as your physical health. That's why we offer natural healing services from trained practioners who help you regain a sense of peace and balance in your life. Our staff will help you learn to identify obstacles in your life and make changes to overcome them without feeling overwhelmed.
Our trained professionals will put you on a path to wellness- mind, body and soul.


Reiki attempts to relieve stress and provide a sense of fulfillment in an individual by allowing his or her energy to flow. It involves the gentle massaging of pressure points, resulting in an improved energy flow that will help you truly relax.
Reiki Energy Work sixty minutes $80

Ancient Energy®

These Ancient Energy sessions are based on the healing techniques of the Medicine people of the Andes. This session will assist you in cleansing your energy field of toxic imprints and help you release the stories that bind you from living the life that you dream.
Ancient Energy Healing average session over one hour

Reconnective Healing®

Return to balance. Awaken the Soul by Connecting to the Source. We utilize a full spectrum of healing frequencies to bring energy, light and information to reconnect us to the universe and to our very essence.

Spiritual Companioning

Sometimes, we become so wrapped up in our own lives that we miss the bigger picture. If you feel like your life has lost meaning, this may be the course for you. It will show you how to slow down and appreciate all things that life has to offer.
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